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Ettinger Sterling 6oz Captive Top Leather Bound Hip Flask Ettinger Sterling 6oz Captive Top Leather Bound Hip Flask
Ettinger Sterling 6oz Captive Top Leather Bound Hip Flask 5

I have gathered several hip-flasks in my time, the latest one being from a War of the Worlds live experience. It looks fantastic with a nice etched design on the steel cover. However, I don’t own anything as fancy-looking as this. Well, there’s the tartan cloth covered one but that’s arguably a little tacky! The thing that really sticks out for this Ettinger hip flask is the sumptuous leather encasing the stainless steel.

The leather is made from top quality Italian calf sides that have been Chrome tanned. I had to look this up because, I don’t know about you, but I just had visions of leather being dunked in liquid metal and wondering how that worked exactly?! So, the chemicals used in this process are Chromium salts and they work by cross linking the collagen fibres in the leather, making it more water resistant but also retaining the fineness of the leather itself. Other methods of tanning leather tend to give a rougher texture and Ettinger have clearly gone for a top-end luxury feel to this hip flask as well as addressing the issue of getting wet as is likely when out in the great outdoors! It’s also very hard-wearing and tough.

The flask itself is stainless steel of course and has the usual attached screw cap. It’s a fairly standard 6oz size which is plenty big enough to sensibly enjoy a little tipple while out camping/fishing/hiking or whatever. The thing I really like though is the stainless steel funnel included to help you fill your flask. If only I’d had one of these when trying to fill my other hip flasks – would have saved many a mourned spillage!

Ideal as a gift for your favourite outdoors loving friend, it can also be personalised (for an extra cost) and comes in a handmade Ettinger gift box. Nice! RRP £95

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The perfect gift for you outdoors loving loved ones.
  • Quality item
  • Well made
  • Stainless steel funnel
  • Has a lovely ‘feel’ to it.