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Kyloe in the wild Ace Kyloe in the wild Ace
Kyloe in the wild Ace 4.5

Kyloe are at it again, this time with a pair of sunglasses designed to reduce the amount of glare that you get from light-reflecting surfaces. These lenses are a piece of engineering mastery (at least to my way of thinking…) and are made up of 9 different layers! Starting with an anti-reflective coating, they move through layers such as a PVA polarised filter membrane that helps to reduce the exposure to reflective light all the way up to a mirrored coating that (you guessed it!) is a reflective colour, reflecting even more light! It’s fair to say they’ve gone all out on keeping that glare down with these sunglasses.

As well as that, they possess Kyloe’s standard 100% UV400 protection keeping those nasty UVA and UVB rays away and of course they have the ever-useful anti-scratch and anti-salt water coating. Seeing as the most likely place you’ll be using these is by the seaside, this is pretty useful. Speaking of where you can use them, with this level of anti-glare, you could probably make use of them happily on a sunny day in winter when all that snow is reflecting the light and making it hard to see giving them an all-year round ubiquity which is a massive bonus for me – I can never find my sunglasses after the summer as I will have inevitably put them away ‘somewhere safe’ – no need to do that now!

They are made using a lightweight material that is extremely durable and have the rubber grips at the back of the arms that give them that non-slip feature so you can be assured they’re not going to slip off any time soon and Kyloe have guaranteed that with your money back if they do. They’re pretty safe from being dropped too so you’re unlikely to break them any time soon, making them a solid purchase in my eyes. RRP £59.99

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A great pair of rugged and durable sunglasses with potential all-year round usage.
  • Rugged and durable
  • Great for sunny days on the beach or out on the water
  • Potential all-year round use
  • Non-slip guarantee
  • A little narrow for those larger heads