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From the Terminator through to Top Gun and Reservoir Dogs, we all know that sunglasses are cool. But, as with all things subjective, there are levels of coolness within coolness itself and if, out of the above you favour Top Gun, then these are the ‘cool’ for you (please try and read that to yourself in some cool American voice-over to really start basking in the glory of cool…)!

Ahem, enough of that silliness! As well as helping you look like some kind of maverick pilot out on a day trip, these sunglasses are full of surprising little things that elevate them above your average pair of sun deflectors. Firstly of course, it’s made out of titanium, it’s going to take an awful lot to damage the frames on these things! Combined with that the lenses are constructed from nylon with all sorts of anti-this and anti-that that basically equate to them being almost as survivable as the frame itself! They’re also anti-spotting and fingerprint resistant due to coatings applied to the lenses meaning your expensive acquisition is going to carry on being useful for quite some time. Despite all this strength these sunglasses weigh in at a ridiculously light 19 grams (it almost feels like they aren’t there) and can block almost 90% of light coming through.

The thing that stands out for me however, is the way they have designed the nose and temple pads using an elastomer that grips even if you’re getting sweaty. My current glasses while (obviously!) quite cool, don’t have anything like this and hot weather leads to me having to constantly push them back up my nose. I really wish they had this feature. Think I might start looking in to becoming a pilot. Can’t be that hard can it…? RRP £260

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These are sunglasses I could see lasting for a very long time and so, a worthy investment. Did I mention they look cool?
  • Tough
  • Light
  • Durable
  • Do I really need to say the ‘C’ word?