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Sloppy Joe 05 Classic Square Sweatshirt Sloppy Joe 05 Classic Square Sweatshirt
Sloppy Joe 05 Classic Square Sweatshirt 4

Sloppy Joe clothing! I remember when these guys first launched back in 1993, how they were all the rage and anyone seen wearing one of these was instantly catapulted in to the outer realms of ‘sooo cool…’ Well, that’s what I was told by my siblings anyway, I was far more in to metal music at that time of my life so funnily enough, I didn’t agree back then! Of course, with any fashion item or fad, they eventually got replaced by the next big thing and, in all honesty, I had no idea they were still going. Well, indeed they are, celebrating 30 years this year in fact!

The reason they’re still around and have not faded in to obscurity is, quite simply, because they are good quality, well made and comfortable sweat shirts. Their founder, Jackie Harris, wanted a comfortable, over-sized, easy-to-wear-and-launder top with a variety of unique colours and that is what you see here – the Classic Square Sweatshirt. Made with 100% organic cotton and available in 10 colours unique to Sloppy Joe (including the classic blue colour immortalised by Princess Diana that has now been re-introduced to their range and actually named ‘Diana Blue’!), you’ve got to admit it certainly encapsulates a certain relaxed chic and pretty much just makes you want to curl in to an over-sized sofa with a good book… Oh how my teenage self would be disgusted with me right now!

The loose fit makes it a useful article of clothing all year round (not just when you’re feeling a bit cold!) and also gives it a nice casual look that is equally at home when you’re out and about as it is when you’re, well… at home! I guess that’s why a classic becomes a classic – it carves out its own niche and I can’t think of anything else that sums up ‘relaxed cool’ in quite the same way, despite my own preference on clothing RRP £70.95

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Pretty much just makes you want to curl in to an over-sized sofa with a good book and a large glass of wine to match…
  • Well made
  • Unique colours and design
  • Comfortable
  • Iconic
  • As ever, fashion is susceptible to taste, some aren’t going to like the look of it, simple as that.