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Hands up if you hate clothes shopping. We all come in different shapes and sizes but for some reason the high street assumes if your legs are a certain length your waist will also be a certain size, making trouser shopping fit somewhere between the 7th and 8th circle of hell. Spoke agreed that menswear simply wasn’t up to the task and from 2014 they started to produce clothes that were made to fit…properly. These bespoke trousers have a timeless and classic look in a range of cuts and colours to suit any occasion as well as being constructed from premium materials to ensure they are built to last. Spoke have found a good balance between tailor made and affordable by cutting their clothes in to more sizes and when it comes to finishing up the order, they ensure the final fit is perfect to your size.

To ensure the finished product is high quality they work on a few garments at a time focusing on the small details including the fabric, lining and fastenings when everything is complete, they get delivered to your home, free of charge with the option of returning them if you aren’t completely satisfied. There are seven styles of trousers to choose from as well as polo shirts, shorts and swimwear. We received the Heroes in Navy, these are Spoke’s bestselling chinos made from 99% 7oz drill cotton and blended with elastane for that little bit of stretch for a comfortable fit. These chinos are beautifully made, their classic look can be dressed up or dressed down making them highly versatile, most importantly they are comfortable, they fit better than anything you will find on the high street and you don’t even have to leave the house to get them. RRP £95.00

Spoke found have the perfect balance of tailor fitted and affordable trousers.
  • Bespoke fit
  • Comfortable
  • Premium construction
  • Timeless style
  • Built to last