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Stackers Laptop Bag 4.5
While writing this, I am looking at my old laptop bag which has now become the favoured sleeping spot of one of our cats. It’s so covered in fur it’s not fit to be used for its intended purpose any more. Makes me wonder if this is the ultimate destiny of all laptop bags, ‘reclaimed’ by creatures that steadfastly do exactly as they please, regardless of what we want!

I mention this because the first thing that struck me about this laptop bag from Stackers is how much slimmer it is than my old one and the obvious comparison (fur included!) ensued. For those that wish to know, the actual dimensions are W:15.7 Inches, H:12.4 Inches and D:2.6 Inches (my old one must be about 3.5 inches deep – I would measure it but Tabitha is putting on a cute face and looking quite content…). Despite being slimmer, it has more storage options that are better organised. The pocket on the front for example is designed to hold all the cables you’re likely to need for your laptop with plenty of elasticated restraints to hold them firmly in place (my old one was just a pocket) and the same layout exists in the main compartment with the addition of an internal zipped area for any books or notepads/tablets you may need.

The storage organisation is great but I also like the fact that they have included straps to wear this as a backpack, freeing up your arms so you don’t have to worry about the bag swinging loose every time you turn suddenly or bend down to pick something up. Personally, I would invest in a little padlock if wearing this on my back otherwise a light-fingered thief could ruin your day. The inside is nicely padded and the bag comes in a choice of 5 colours – not that my cats are going to eventually care about that! RRP £60

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