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Vivobarefoot Gobi III Hemp Vivobarefoot Gobi III Hemp
Vivobarefoot Gobi III Hemp 5

It doesn’t take much for us to fall in love with a pair of Vivobarefoot shoes, we are already big fans of the brand who started out making running shoes for barefoot runners but have now branched out into everyday shoes. This company strives to make the most comfortable shoes built around the foots natural shape and movements, which is wider and flatter than many of the modern shoes we are used to. The Gobi III Hemp shoes take? natural to a new level, this is their classic minimalist desert boot, created to be worn every day whilst receiving true barefoot sensory feedback and freedom of movement. This shoe is constructed with a 100% natural hemp canvas upper with a rubberised print for added water resistance and is available in Sandstone, Pink Graphite and Zinc. The lining is composed of 100% recycled cotton, with recycled PET microfiber reinforcements for comfort and breathability.

The Gobi lll has the thinnest barefoot outsole, with the bio-based Bloom EVA insole, this gives you a barefoot movement and sensory feedback without putting your skin at risk of injury. The minimalist design has a smart casual vibe; however, the canvas material is easy to get dirty so if you are someone who likes your kicks spotless these are fair weather shoes. With any barefoot shoe there is a bit of a learning curve, your foot needs to get used to this new way of walking so ease yourself in. There is further reading available on the website as well as a handy questionnaire that recommends the right shoes for you. The laces secure but if they are over tightened they can cause a fold in the canvas, remember you are meant to be leaving more room for your feet to move naturally. The shoes combine a great look, sustainability and comfort whilst promoting the physical and mental benefits of barefoot walking. RRP £130

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whether you are new to the barefoot life or an experience walker these everyday shoes are a great investment.
  • Smart casual design
  • Promotes natural foot movements
  • Sensory feedback
  • Breathable
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable lining
  • Protective outsole
  • Sustainable materials
  • Vegan
  • Your feet need to get used to barefoot walking
  • Can get dirty easily