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DCG418T2 54V XR Flexvolt 125mm Angle Grinder

DCG418T2 54V XR Flexvolt 125mm Angle Grinder comes with a two-position side handle, a keyless protective guard, the blade wrench, multi-voltage charger, 54V XR Flexvolt Li-Ion battery packs with state of charge indicator and the TSTAK II Kitbox to store it in. This grinder uses a 54V brushless motor that delivers improved performance, the electronic brake is in place to stop the wheel quickly as soon as the trigger is disengaged. There is an electronic clutch, this reduces any kickback caused by a pinch or a stall, the mesh cover over air intake vents prevent dust being sucked into the grinder and causing damage to the motor. The handle has a rubber over mould for better grip whilst the two-position side handle gives you better control and comfort over long sessions, the recessed spindle lock design allows max depth of cut and greater protection to button when using in tighter spaces. RRP £499

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DCS578T2 54V XR Flexvolt 190mm Circular Saw

This circular saw come with a blade spanner, dust extraction spout, rip fence, precision 24 tooth saw blade, two Flexvolt battery packs, multi-voltage charger and a T-STAK-Box VI, it features a brushless motor for an extended run-time and uses a general purpose ripping, crosscutting and bevelling circular saw for wood and other materials. The bevel angle can be adjusted to 57 degrees and the robust construction provides low vibration for a longer service life and better handling. The direct Airlock compatibility lets you quickly connect to extraction hose, the dust blower keeps the cut line clear of debris for improved visibility, whilst the built in LED work light illuminates the work area so you can clearly see your line of cut. This circular saw has a well-balanced design for safer and easier cutting and has an additional handle for two-handed work if needed. RRP £499

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DCS389T2 54V XR Flexvolt Reciprocating Saw

The Reciprocating Saw comes with a multi-voltage XR charger, T-Stak Kitbox and the two battery packs. Just as the above this saw has a brushless motor for reliability and durability, it has an intelligent variable speed trigger with a lock off switch to ensure it isn’t accidently triggered. There is a two-position blade clamp that delivers a flush cut and increased versatility of use, the lever action keyless blade clamp provides tool-free blade change. The pivoting shoe has an open top for high stability and ensure constant visibility during the cut, there is also an LED light to keep the cut line visible the whole time. The ergonomic handle has a grippy rubber over mould for a long-term comfortable grasp and greater control over the tool. RRP £499

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DWST83294-1 Toughsystem 2.0 DS300

Is an extremely robust storage box to protect your tools and make it safer and easier to transport, it has a high- performance seal in the lid which is both dust tight and water jet resistant (IP65) to ensure protection against the worse of the weather as well as the rough environment of worksites. It has new auto stacking latches that are easy to use and can be connected to other modules to link them all together. The new easy close metal wire front latches can be opened with one hand, half width modules can now be connected to the box, it has wider and more durable handles, a new reinforced padlock eye and a convenient name panel insert so you can label exactly what is inside the box. There is also a new internal fixing point where the DeWALT tracker can be installed, if your kit is misplaced or worse, stolen, then you can track its location via the DeWALT Tool Connect. RRP £69.99

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DWST83295-1 Toughsystem 2.0 – DS450

To move your gear around this trolly has a detachable handle for convenient storage of the box and can be used in pickup trucks, it has strong 8″ PU wheels for moving around on rugged terrain, making it easy to move heavy gear on your own. RRP £106

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The 54V XR Flexvolt collection provides powerful tools that can easily rival the strength produced by corded tools, with high levels of functionality they are a great asset on worksites or within the home.
  • Powerful battery life
  • Robust and comfortable handling
  • Versatile
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • High performing