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DEWALT Cordless / Corded Mitre Saw DEWALT Cordless / Corded Mitre Saw
DEWALT Cordless / Corded Mitre Saw 5

DEWALT have always put functionality at the core of all their products and this Mitre Saw is no different, this versatile tool comes with two 54V cordless or mains power batteries for ultimate flexibility.

This saw is made with the classic pull saw mechanism, it offers impressive cutting performance in both small profiles and large construction timbers up to 110 x 303 mm, you would never imagine you could get this power from a battery. The XPS Shadow line cut indicator allows for fast and accurate alignment of the blade while illuminating the work piece for increased productivity, no adjustment required.

The saw has a heavy duty design for extra durability, the machine can be fully adjusted to maintain the accuracy over the life of the tool, there is a new quick release bevel stop setting, this provides accurate and intuitive positioning of bevel angles, up to 49° left and right. These easy to use mitre and bevel controls make the tool fast and simple to change from one set up to another, the cam action mitre lock function makes mitre setting faster and easier, allowing the user to quickly adjust angles between 0° – 50° left and 0° – 60° right.

The Mitre saw has a long-life accuracy in table and fence design, the large dual sliding fence gives maximum support in large material cuts at any angle or a combination of angles. The linear horizontal rails use bronze guides to provide precision when cutting materials up to 345 mm wide and has a compact and lightweight build making it easily portable from the home to job sites.

The dust control system deflects debris away from the cutting area whilst the innovative grooving stop allows the adjustment of the cutting depth for grooving and rebating applications. This saw comes with a high quality 60 tooth blade, blade spanner, dust bag and material clamp, the blade speed is 3800 rpm and has a diameter of 305mm, it has a max cutting capacity at 45°/45° of 212 x 76mm.

The cordless freedom of this high performing saw means you can get to work anywhere, it has all the classic moves of a decent mitre saw, the pull and retract motion is seamless. The compact body and head lock functions makes it easy to transport and the Airlock dust extraction keeps the work area clean, all thing considered this a great choice for workers on the move. RRP £1,029.00

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A versatile and high performing cordless cutting tool.
  • 2x 54V cordless or mains power supply
  • Cutting up to 110 x 303mm
  • XPS Shadow line cut indicator
  • Compact, travel friendly body
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Quick release bevel stop
  • Cam action mitre lock function
  • Adjust angles between 0° - 50° left and 0° - 60° right
  • Dual sliding fence
  • Airlock dust control