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DeWalt SDS max Breaker Hammer (D25899K-QS) DeWalt SDS max Breaker Hammer (D25899K-QS)
DeWalt SDS max Breaker Hammer (D25899K-QS) 4.5

As anyone that’s worked on a construction site or a home renovation project will tell you, breaking concrete has got to be up there as one of the most tedious jobs going, not to mention it’s not easy on the body either. But sometimes it’s the only option you have so you may as well get the right tool for the job and a decent Breaker Hammer has got to be the first thing on your list.

This Breaker Hammer from DeWalt is relatively lightweight at just under 10Kg and has been designed to get in to those awkward to reach areas as well as being easy to handle. The side handle is adjustable and can be located anywhere on the hammer barrel giving you as much flexibility as you need to get the job done. Both the side and top handles have been ergonomically designed for comfort although I would still wear gloves if I were you! The on/off switch is placed handily where you can just flick it with your thumb or hand when needed and is suitably ‘clicky’ enough that you won’t be accidentally switching it off or on when you don’t want to.

The unit itself has been designed so that all the internal mechanisms are sealed with no air getting inside and so avoiding dust build up. It’s also got features that prevent over-heating and, as well as this, there is a fair bit of modularity built in allowing you to easily deconstruct and clean/repair the hammer and to replace any parts that may have become faulty or broken down. There is a 3 year warranty if you register it when purchased so this is only likely to come in to effect once you’ve had it for a while however so it’s kind of reassuring to know this thing is in for the long haul.

The motor is 1500 Watts and it delivers up to just over 2000 bpm. Now you may think that would give off an awful lot of vibrations but DeWalt have made this hammer so that the vibration is surprisingly low for the power delivered, a good indication that this thing has been built well and with all aspects in mind. It’s assuredly rugged and robust with magnesium housings adding to this durability. The impact force comes in at just under 18J max which obviously isn’t as powerful as larger breakers but this isn’t designed for those massive jobs and does a perfectly good job for your home renovation projects.

When it comes to changing the chisels, the chuck is simple to use (it’s an SDS chuck so just a quick twist and you’re done) and there are 12 pre-set positions for the chisels to be set in giving you plenty of options to adapt to whatever job you’re doing. It would have been nice if you got some chisels in with the hammer itself but I would guess that if you’re buying this, you’ve probably got some already that are fit for whatever purpose you need them for but we all have to start somewhere don’t we?

The sound level is pretty high as you may expect (you’re drilling concrete, how would it not be noisy?!) rocking in at around 100 dB’s so make sure you have some decent ear protectors on when using this tool. As an example, this level of volume is equivalent to about 4 times louder than heavy traffic and could cause permanent damage to your hearing after about 15 minutes – you have been warned, just don’t risk it! RRP £499.99

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If you’re happy parting with your cash, you’ll struggle to find a breaker that delivers this kind of power with the ease of handling for a similar cost.
  • Low vibration
  • Easy to switch chisels
  • On/off switch in easy location
  • Weight to power ratio
  • Slim
  • Could have come with chisels included