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Fiskars 21″ Bow Saw Fiskars 21″ Bow Saw
Fiskars 21″ Bow Saw 5

Well, we’re at that time of year where we start to tidy up the garden, put away those deckchairs and get it all strapped in and buckled up for the winter. No idea what kind of gardener you guys are but me, I tend to leave things to do in one big hefty job rather than go at it all the time. Mainly because I’m not a massive gardening fan and want to put it off for as long as I can! So, of course, there’s a few bushes that have gotten a little big for their britches over the Summer and need pruning back.

The SW30 Bow Saw is designed for the more heavy duty elements of pruning. Its design focuses on a curved nose which, unlike more traditionally styled Bow Saws, allows you to get in to those hard-to-reach places more easily. The tooth design allows for the blade to cut both with pulling and pushing strokes, cutting down on the amount of energy you have to expend when using it and the handle is ergonomically engineered to be useable either right or left-handed. This Bow Saw is perfect for cutting wet wood by the way (the tooth design is perfect to get that initial purchase required to avoid slipping) which, given the time of year, is probably likely!

It comes with a blade guard included (saving you having to spend out on one) which is just a plastic sheath that slips over the blade when not in use. Although maybe not too suitable for properly heavy jobs as the frame is a little flimsy, it’s perfect for most garden jobs the majority of us are likely to come across. With a very reasonable price and replacement blades not being horrendously expensive, this is not a bad purchase at all. RRP £24.99

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A great value for money bow saw
  • Equal power pushing or pulling
  • Curved nose to allow for better positioning
  • Inexpensive
  • Blade guard included
  • Not great for heavier jobs