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Fiskars Xact weed puller, Fiskars Xact weed puller,
Fiskars Xact weed puller, 4.5

Weeding. Another ‘fun’ gardening activity that your elderly relatives can keep. I’m not a fan of gardening, probably never will be. However, being pulled in to help out the oldies every now and then is something I can’t, in all good consciousness, stop doing. The thing with weeding (other than being dull as ditch-water…) is that all that getting down on your hands and knees, digging about and ending up with a permanently arched back is pretty painful and ache-inducing (don’t even get me started on what is and what isn’t a weed! How am I supposed to know? They’re all green…). To be fair, when I put it like that, I now understand why the afore-mentioned oldies like to rope us young’uns in to help. So, hooray for the Xact Weed Puller!

This thing is great for pulling out medium-large weeds. You simply place the metal prongs at the bottom around the weed, push down with your foot on the plastic foot pedal and then pull the Weed Puller towards you. Pull it up, walk over to where you’re dumping the weeds and then push the orange bit on the handle to eject the weed. Simple! It even feels like you’re cocking a gun when you do this, really bringing to life the idea that you’re waging war on the weeds! Rinse and repeat and all of a sudden, gardening is not quite so dull any more. I would advise making out that it’s really hard work though. Otherwise they’ll just find something else for you to do!

The only potential thing that may not work so well for this is the fact that most of it is plastic. Can’t help but feel it could be prone to snapping easily so treat it with care and have fun! RRP £38.99

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Get pulling those weeds while there is still a bit of warmth outside the front door.
  • Fun to use
  • Physically much easier than traditional weeding
  • Doesn’t take up much storage space
  • Easy to use
  • Potentially a bit fragile
  • Only a metre tall – could still be a problem for taller people with back issues.