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iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit 5

A decent tool kit is an indispensable item everyone should have, it will often be something you turn to time and time again in your moment of need, the Pro Tech Toolkit from iFixit has been designed to be a high-performance toolkit for all things repair.

This tool kit is suitable for both the pros to diy novices, it comes in a tough polyester canvas case that rolls up and secures with strong Velcro, when rolled up it measures up at 21 × 19 × 7cm and is 56 × 19cm when laid out flat and weighs in at 0.85kg. This modern tool kit has been created for the technical age, no longer will you have to rely on those tiny screw drivers that come in Christmas crackers to work on electronic repairs, and this is where iFixit specialise, providing you with the tools to fix things yourself (just like our folks did in the olden days). This kit comes with a 64-bit driver with 150mm flex extension and 4mm screwdriver bits, including Phillips, Flatheads, Torx, Torx Security, Pentalobe, JIS, Hex, Tri-point, Nut Driver, Square, Gamebit, Spanner, Triangle, Standoff Bit for iPhone, Oval Bit, Magnetic Pickup Bit, SIM Eject Bit and 1/4″ to 4 mm Driver Adapter.

The 4mm bits are made from a strong S2 steel with the bit driver being constructed from anodized aluminium, the case that keeps all the bits together is made from recycled ABS with Eva inside keeping all the bits in place. Along with the bit driver there are also plenty of tools for gripping, poking and prying which include Anti-Static Wrist Strap for protection for circuits against static electricity, a small suction handle for holding onto things without handles, 3x iFixit opening tool made from a soft plastic, 6x iFixit opening picks, nylon tipped reverse tweezers, angled ESD tweezers, blunt ESD tweezers, standard spudger, halberd spudger, metal spudger, jimmy and magnetic pad to holds tiny screws and parts during repairs. This kit along with the iFitit website will give you the confidence and the right tools to repair electronics just like you would fix a leaky tap or put a shelf up. RRP £59.99

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A comprehensive tool kit to repair modern electronics.
  • Huge array of tools
  • Specifically design to repair modern tech
  • Durable and compact tool roll
  • Mako Precision Bit Set
  • Tips and support on the website