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Little Giant King Kombo Industrial Ladder Little Giant King Kombo Industrial Ladder
Little Giant King Kombo Industrial Ladder 4

I have to say from the outset that I am an avid DIY woman, I love to be able to do jobs myself and being able to rub my doubting partners nose in it.

When I first saw the Little Giant King Kombo Industrial ladder, I thought why is it green, turns out it is constructed from their ‘Patent-pending non-conductive Hi-Viz green fiberglass’ which makes it more noticeable in low light. The colour paired with the curved edges give it a very sturdy and sleek looking finish. The other side of the A-frame set up has straight edges, handy for working in tighter spots like attic access ports and gaps in between stud walls. This being a 3 in 1 ladder it enables you to use it as an A-frame stepladder, a leaning ladder and an extended ladder, this is handy for me as my stairs are hard to navigate a full length ladder up when it’s time to get to my Christmas decorations down (which I am determined to have up before Christmas Eve this year).

I was happily surprised to find how lightweight it was at about 9kg, however this light weight doesn’t make it flimsy, it is made of tough stuff and the grippy feet provide a stable foundation. There are two other things that really “stepped” out to me, the V-bar grip allows you to work inside corners as well as on the outside of them too, perfect for cutting in the corners whilst the protecting bumper prevents damage to your walls. There is even the space to grip on to most standard poles such as a drainpipe. The 2nd function is their ‘Patent-pending’ Ground Cue, this is a smart signal to alert you that you are on the bottom rung, an initiative safety feature.
This ladder isn’t the cheapest out there but the wide range of features and versatile use means it will be something you turn to time and time again. RRP £269.99

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Lightweight and flexible 3 in 1 ladder that any novice DIYer can use
  • Fits most jobs
  • Ground Cue
  • V-bar Grip
  • Protectors for your walls
  • Great grip
  • Portable