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With a preponderance of flashlights that seem to be getting smaller and smaller, it is somewhat refreshing to get one that ‘feels’ like a flashlight! The kind of one that incompetent security guards used in 80’s action flicks, you know what I mean? It’s fair to say this one is far superior to those ones of course, so let’s take a look at it.

To begin with, this thing can knock out up to 2000 lumens worth of light up to a distance of just over 400 metres (those 80’s flashlights were lucky to go 40 metres and any hero with a good level of dark clothing or boot polish stripes on their face just blended in to the background…) over a 2 hour period. Obviously, this may not be practical from a run-time point of view and so you have a lower setting at 500 lumens that doubles the usage time and reduces the range to 34 meters. Not quite so spectacular but likely to be more practical, especially if you need the light for close-up work. Adding more flexibility is the 4x adjustable zoom function that narrows or broadens the beam to suit your task and there is also a red light option (flashing and steady) which is ideal to set a hazard or warning light This is made even more useful by the addition of a magnetic base which means you can set the torch aside without worrying about it rolling off – as long as there is something the magnet attaches to of course!

The torch itself is relatively lightweight at under a half a kilo and easy to handle due to the rubberised grip. It’s waterproof to IP67 level and made from aircraft-grade aluminium – it’s tough! It charges via USB-C and takes approximately 4-8 hours to fully charge while the lights are COB which are generally larger and less prone to breaking down than your regular LED’s while still emitting the same level of light. RRP £49.99

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If you were an incompetent security guard in an 80’s action flick, you’ll wish you’d have had one of these. Does nobody think of the henchmen?
  • Adjustable beam
  • Reassuringly chunky
  • Side-positioned backlit button
  • Red-light option
  • With so many smaller, powerful options out there, has the larger flashlight had its time?