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Ever finished up painting a room at the end of the day only to notice all the bits you missed in the cold light of day the next morning, this is forgivable if you are simply painting your own home but if it’s a paid job in someone else’s house proper lighting is essential if you want to make any money.

The Galaxy Star from NightSearcher is ideal for situations like this, this portable rechargeable work light can kick out a maximum of 2,800 lumens and offers five different light modes. The different light modes start at 500 lumens which will provide you with 11hours battery life from a full charge, it then increases in brightness until reaching 2,800 lumens which will drain the battery a lot quicker but still provide 1.5hours of battery life.

To ensure the light reaches even the darkest of corners the stand is fully adjustable with 180-degree positioning, once it is in position it will securely remain there whilst you work. Designed for the worksite this durable light is constructed from a durable industrial strength aircraft grade aluminium and is impact-resistant to 1 metre, if it gets kicked over or knocked off a worktop it will survive.

The aircraft grade aluminium also means the light is reasonably lightweight at just 700g, making it ideal for moving about room to room or transporting to different worksites, the thin profile also makes it easy to tuck away in a bag or in the back of the car (we found the light really useful for camping trips). The Galaxy Star has a 90 metre beam range, it has a IP54 rating to protect it from dust and getting caught in light rain, an added bonus is that a mobile phone can be plugged directly into the built in power bank, letting you play your favourite tunes a little longer whilst you work.

The Galaxy Star is a great workmate ensuring that even when the days light draws in you can carry on working to a high standard, once you own this light you will find yourself reaching for it in a whole host of situations, it is as versatile as it is bright. RRP £52.75

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A bright and durable work light, that means when the light is faded you can keep on working.
  • 5 brightness modes
  • Bright 2,800 lumen with 90 metre beam
  • Built in power bank
  • Adjustable 180-degree stand
  • Light and compact
  • Versatile
  • Durable construction
  • Short battery life at maximum brightness