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Worx 400W 85m Plunge Circular Worxsaw – WX426 Worx 400W 85m Plunge Circular Worxsaw – WX426
Worx 400W 85m Plunge Circular Worxsaw – WX426 4

Having a decent set of tools at home is a must have for any DIY enthusiasts, there’s only so many times you can borrow your parents gear before they start charging you rent, if you are looking for a circular saw to add to your collection it is well worth considering the WX426. This compact saw is lightweight and easy to handle at 1.8kg and 32 × 9 × 18cm, it has been designed to be suitable for plunge cuts and many other household jobs. The integrated LaserGuide provides a straight line for you to follow for accurate and straight cuts, it also has an improved view of the saw blade for precision as well as a suction adapter for a dust-free workspace. The retractable blade makes plunge cuts possible, perfect for vents, electric sockets and light switches for example, it comes with three blades suitable for different materials, wood, plastic, metal and tiles.

This saw has an idle speed of 3,600 rpm, a blade diameter of 85mm and blade bore of 15mm, it can deliver an adjustable cutting depth that maxs out at 27mm. The thin blade design reduces the amount of dust it kicks out, the 400w power isn’t going to blast throw materials but it can comfortably handle 18mm wood and sheet metal. The Spindle lock button makes for quick and easy blade changes, it is worth noting that this delivers straight cuts only, no angles or bevels, it isn’t up to cutting thicker woods or use in a professional environment. Where it excels is DIY jobs around the home, it can easily be used with one hand, it takes a degree of concentration as it can wander off course even when following the laser and works best when you take your time and let the saw do the hard work instead of forcing it forward too hard. All things considered this is good value for money, a go to circular saw for odd jobs and projects around the home. RRP £99.99

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A great basic circular saw, the perfect addition for the home tool kit.
  • Cuts wood, metal, tiles, plasterboard and plastics
  • Adjustable depth up to 27mm
  • LaserGuide
  • Suitable for plunge cuts
  • Spindle lock button for easy blade change
  • Minimal dust and built-in dust port
  • Compact and lightweight
  • One-hand operation
  • Can stray off course
  • Not suitable for thicker woods and heavy work
  • Cannot perform bevel cuts