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Xtend+Climb 3.8m ProSeries S2.0 Telescopic Ladder Xtend+Climb 3.8m ProSeries S2.0 Telescopic Ladder
Xtend+Climb 3.8m ProSeries S2.0 Telescopic Ladder 4

I had heard some great things about this product and my expectations were very high, I’m not usually easily pleased, but I’m happy to say the Xtend+Climb 3.8m ProSeries S2.0 Telescopic Ladder exceeded my expectations with only one or two draw backs.

The build quality is exceptional with aircraft grade aluminium alloy which provides a robust and reliable structure that you can put your trust in and the safety features are reassuring. As each telescopic section is slid out there are indicators on each step which change to green, so you know it is safely locked in position. The automatic Locking 620mm Stabilising Bar which opens at the foot of the ladder delivers wide and stable foundation, the Wall Pads form a gap at the top of the ladder so you can hold on to the top rung whilst it is against a wall. The Lightning Latch allows you to move and retract the ladder easily.

One of the down sides I found was at 15.5 kg it was quite heavy to move about but the compact size of 0.9m is great for smaller vans and storing in the shed. When fully extended this ladder can reach up to 3.8m with the option of locking in everyone of the 13 rungs along the way. This ladder offers a max static vertical load of 150kg, the flat treads ensure your feet won’t slip even in wet conditions. The sides of the ladder are thicker than usual but is still comfortable to ascend and descend and add extra strength, the corrosion-resistant anodised finish makes it suitable for year-round use. When retracting the ladder, it has a no pinch closure system to protect your hands that has been tested to 4000 Cycles and it is in line with the latest EN131-6 Professional (2019) safety standard. The Xtend+Climb 3.8m ProSeries S2.0 Telescopic Ladder is a versatile and robust ladder suited for professional use with the added benefit of being able to fit into the back of a car. RRP £159.99

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This telescopic ladder is ideal everyday use for the busy worker with limited storage space.
  • Durable aircraft grade aluminium alloy
  • Clear locking indicators
  • No Pinch Closure System
  • Compact storage
  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • 0.9 to 3.8m extension
  • Quite heavy