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Engino INVENTOR ROBOTIZED “GinoBot” with 10 bonus models Engino INVENTOR ROBOTIZED “GinoBot” with 10 bonus models
Engino INVENTOR ROBOTIZED “GinoBot” with 10 bonus models 4.5

OK, first things first – you do NOT get the pieces to make 10 individual models. You get instructions to make the kit in 10 different ways. Thought it best to clear that up before I start waxing lyrical about this! Anyone that has read any of my reviews has probably figured out by now, that I’m a big fan of building small things and miniature kits. This kit is just as much fun to build as anything else with almost 250 pieces and over 700 connectors, although you wouldn’t think so looking at the finished product. But that’s where Engino have done a good job of providing a kit with both style and function, not to mention the ease of construction itself.

Once the building part is done (which is usually where my interest wanes and things become akin to ornaments in my home in all honesty!), then comes the thing that makes sure this kit can keep on giving. It’s a robot. A programmable robot. And not just one with pre-set instructions, this thing can help you to learn coding language too! It has the ability to allow 3rd party hardware attachments (such as Raspberry Pi’s or Arduino) and so opens up endless possibilities for those that want to explore and see the physical outcome of their attempts. The software that comes with it (KEIRO) is simple and intuitive and is suitable for any age from about 7 upwards, making this an excellent creative learning tool with endless building possibilities.

As usual with any kind of modular system, you can get the best out of this by including something like the Engino Mechatronics pack which gives you many more options but then that’s half the fun of modular kits – collecting all the bits and pieces!
RRP £176.03

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An easy to use building kit that educates with play and teaches people the benefits of learning how to code.
  • Easy to construct
  • Physical instructions for those 10 models – you don’t need to go online for them.
  • Good teaching tool, especially for school age children
  • Compatible with other Engino kits
  • Full potential reached by buying more kits – a minor gripe really, it’s the nature of these kinds of things.
  • A little mis-leading with its ’10 bonus models’ claim.