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Engino Stem Amusement Park Set- London Eye and Ferris Wheel Engino Stem Amusement Park Set- London Eye and Ferris Wheel
Engino Stem Amusement Park Set- London Eye and Ferris Wheel 4

Engino was founded by a group of engineers and teachers with the aim of developing pupils technical and creative skills whilst providing a fun way to experiment and learn about technology. The Amusement Park Set consists of the London Eye and Ferris Wheel, suitable for ages 8-16+, making it suitable for home education (although they won’t realise, they are learning, just having fun). This kit lets kids explore the world of mechanical engineering and learn about the science behind up to eight different working models including four of the most popular amusement park rides. This can be a solo mission for children or completed as a group project with other children or parents, the 54-page colour booklet lays out the building process with easy-to-follow instructions.

These include detailed descriptions of the scientific principles involved as well as interesting facts and history about the models and entertaining experiments to test out their new knowledge. The tough, toxin-free plastic pieces easily snap together, and the multidirectional pivots means models can be built in any direction and at any angle encouraging freestyle creations that step away from the original designs. When it comes to demolition the extraction tool makes short work of things, no bulldozers necessary, and the pieces are then ready to produce another creation. Some of the models require extra online instructions, whilst you are online it is worth checking out the interactive 3D building app on the desktop which allows the models to be built in virtual reality. This entertaining kit comes with everything needed to get started (including the batteries), it’s a lovely project to work on together as a family, sneaking in some education amongst the fun. RRP €139.99

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This is an awesome product
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Added details about scientific principles, facts and history
  • Pieces use snap-fit connectivity
  • Multidirectional pivots inspire individual creativity
  • Fully compatible with all Engino products
  • Build up to 8 working models with extra online instructions
  • Extraction tool
  • Interactive 3D building app for desktop