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Gel Blaster Surge Gel Blaster Surge
Gel Blaster Surge 4.5

Spud guns. Yep, you read that right, spud guns. That’s what I had when I was a kid playing with my mates. Still remember the wrinkled skin you got from permanently carrying around a leaking potato all day. I also remember the height of tech at that time was getting a spud gun that also combined the ability to put caps on it, giving a very satisfying ‘crack’ whenever you shot it (we were far more easily pleased back then!). Now, although technology has obviously come on a lot since then, many ‘blasters’ ended up having an impact on the environment that a good ol’ spud gun never did. Thankfully, the Gel Blaster Surge has that environmental impact firmly in mind.

The Gellets provided for the Surge contain gel that is non-toxic, non-staining and has no impact on the environment with no danger to pets (water based)! That’s a lot of boxes ticked but not a lot of good if the gun can’t deliver them. Now, this is the bit where any fondness I had for the old spud gun becomes purely nostalgic: This thing churns out shots at a rate of 10 per second on fully automatic mode and at distances over 100 feet and a speed of 170 foot per Second! What spud gun? The hopper comes pre-loaded with 800 Gellets ready to go and you get an extra 10,000 Gellets to help keep your fun going for quite a while (18 minutes worth if you were able to fire continuously!). Couple this with an built-in battery that gives you 4 hours-worth of life before recharging via the supplied USB-C cable in just 45 minutes and there’s no way you’re not winning those battles with this thing by your side!

You also get 2 choices of barrel – one for the faster rate of fire mentioned above and the other for a more conservative 90 feet per second and you can switch from fully automatic to single shot when needing to conserve ammo. RRP £44.99

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An eco-safe, inexpensive, hydro water bead blaster that lasts for hours of fun.
  • Safety glasses included in box
  • 10,000 ‘Gellets’ only cost £6.99 – absolute bargain.
  • Dual shooting modes (single or automatic)
  • Choice of velocity barrels