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Geomag Supercolor Panels Classic Geomag Supercolor Panels Classic
Geomag Supercolor Panels Classic 4

These days many people are trying to avoid plastics where they can, this has become much easier with a wide range of more sustainable materials replacing single use plastics, however another area that is a bit of a mine field is children’s toys. Even though most toys aren’t single use children can grow out of items in a blink of an eye and plastic is still the dominating material in the kid’s aisle, yet there are a few heroes trying to change the standards and create more eco-friendly toys. Geomag have created a line of construction toys that have been made from 100% recycled plastics vastly reducing the environmental impact of their toys and giving plastics a new purpose in life. Do not worry for a second that the recycled plastic compromises the quality and durability of the toy because it’s certainly not the case.

We received the Geomag Supercolor Panels 35-piece kits, this is also available in 52, 78 and the Supercolor Masterbox which comes with 388 pieces, our kit came with 12 colourful rods, 12 magnetic connecting balls and 11 colourful shapes. Also included in the set is a handy transparent storage box (also made from recycled plastic) so you don’t need to rely on the kids not destroying the original packaging when it comes to play time. This storage box is also pocket sized making it convenient for taking out to keep young minds busy whilst out and about without resorting to screen time bribery.

The pieces have been designed to inspire creativity and help to refine the motor skills, the rods and magnetic balls click together easily to form a robust structure that are quickly disassembled to start a new project. This entertaining building kit keeps both young minds and hands busy whilst doing its bit to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill. RRP £27.15

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It’s great to see a colourful and durable children’s toy made from 100% recycled plastics.
  • 100% recycled plastics
  • Handy pocket-sized storage box
  • Forms robust structures
  • Tactile and entertaining
  • Develops fine motor skills