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The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1977 by Hungarian professor of architecture Ernő Rubik and has been baffling brains ever since, with 138,000 people from around the world having participated in WCA competitions to date it is clear it still hasn’t lost its appeal.

The GoCube was created via a successful Kickstarter project and is suitable for both types of cubers, there are only two, those who can do it and those who have to peel off the stickers to do it. The GoCube is the world’s first connected cube, it is rather wonderfully presented in a smart box that opens diagonally making it a great gift. This smart cube comes with a charging cable and charging display stand, this doubles up as a phone stand when using the GoCube there is also a handy carry pouch to store everything away.

The GoCube connects via the companion app available free on both iOS and Android, it is very easy to set up, suitable for young and old, the app itself is also intuitive offering a range of interactive games and tutorials. The GoCube claims it can teach you how to solve the cube in just one hour. Join the GoCube Academy for an interactive learning journey, for those more advanced cubers you can improve your skills, track your progress and compete with friends and other cubers around the world. The built-in advanced sensors track and measure activity, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) will track the cube’s orientation and connects to your device via Bluetooth 5.0.

The cube feels durable in your hands, it has a lightweight, smooth and quiet magnetic rotating mechanism which won’t irritate others in the office or the bus to work. This tactile motion is fast and slightly addictive, ideal for those who like fidget spinners for example. The app is very sleek, it can track your moves in real time on the screen, there is a range of games and online battles with leader boards and live competitions to join in, you can also embark on missions or use the cube as a controller to play mini-games and 3rd party games.

The price is a little steep even for all the smart tech included, however, the GoCube is an entertaining and satisfying game, it works your hands and brain but beware it easily becomes addictive, step out of the screen for a bit and check out this physical game instead. RRP $99.95

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Suitable for beginners and advanced players, this GoCube is addictively entertaining.
  • First connected cube
  • Ideal for beginners and advance cubers
  • Tracks play in real time
  • App provides challenges, games and tutorials
  • Light indications
  • Use as a controller for games
  • Quiet, fast and tactile magnetic mechanism
  • Portable
  • Entertaining
  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for WCA