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Harry Potter Wand Kano Coding Kit Harry Potter Wand Kano Coding Kit
Harry Potter Wand Kano Coding Kit 4.5

Even the most organised educational institutions can have the odd administrative error, this is why I still haven’t given up hope that my Hogwarts acceptance letter will come down my chimney some day (its only 20years late).

In the meantime the muggle form of magic, science, can be used to create some pretty cool spells and comes in the form of the Kano Wand Coding Kit, this kit comes with everything you need to build and code your very own wand. The kit is beautifully presented with a strong Hogwarts theme running throughout, the attention to detail will appeal to all Potter fans, it is recommended for ages 6-690, Barry Wee Willie Winkle would be out of luck as he reached 755 but Nicholas Flamel is in luck.

All the components are good quality and once constructed the wand has a good weight to it and feels durable enough to withstand even the most vigorous duels, the book will walk you through every step of constructing the wand, learn how to code the wand’s sensors, discover it’s gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. This is the first wand of its kind, it knows when it’s moving up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards, fast or slow, providing a wide range of creative options.

To start you will need to download the Kano app onto a tablet or computer, there are over 70 step by step challenges that teach you about the coding, slowly levelling up, learning about loops, logic and variables. Once you have the coding down you can then take on challenges, solve puzzles and earn rewards along the way, unlocking costumes, creatures, and artifacts, gain XP and receiving secret medals.

The Wand kit is a lot of fun, the Bluetooth can be a little glitchy at times but it is still an absolute must for Harry Potter fans, you can perform iconic spells all deep within the Potterverse, make potions, personalise spells, create a parliament of miniature owls, all the things you need to be prepared for when you finally get your letter for Hogwarts.

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No need to wait for a trip to Ollivander’s, this wand teaches both spells and coding.
  • Fully immersed in the Harry Potter World
  • A lot of fun
  • Easy to follow instruction book
  • Learn STEM skills
  • Good quality components
  • Bluetooth can be glitchy at times