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Kano Computer Kit Complete Kano Computer Kit Complete
Kano Computer Kit Complete 4

This colourful kit has everything you need to build a computer, recommended for ages six and up, as children develop at different rates it is worth considering if your child will have the patience at this age, any previous experience with these types of kits are not essential as everything is explained clearly.

The Computer Kit Complete will walk you through building, coding and playing with the computer, the building process is set out in an easy to follow storybook format and all the pieces are durable enough for little hands. Once assembled this will become a portable computer with 40hour battery life, 8GB of storage, four USB ports and works off Kano OS version 4. The booklet will walk you through each stage, showing you how to connect the board with all the components whilst learning how they all work.

Once constructed there are hundreds of playful challenges to enjoy, you can make art, games and music, join the Kano community for tips and ideas whilst being able to download familiar apps and browse the internet. There are hundreds of apps to choose from including YouTube, Google Song Maker, Hack Minecraft, Tux Paint and Whatsapp, parental settings can be adjusted so that your child only sees what you allow them to see.

With simple steps the user can learn to code the computer by dragging blocks, learning Python, JavaScript and Terminal commands, this in turn can be used to code pictures, build animations and make musical masterpieces as well as taking control of Minecraft, Pong and Snake.

The Kano World Community is where you can find inspiration, make, share, and play with art, music and games by people of all skill levels, discover the code behind the creations, then tweak it to make something new in a safe and friendly environment.

The Kano Computer Kit Complete is a functional, portable computer that eases you into the world of coding in an exciting way and provides continuous entertainment a long time after the initial construction.

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A fun introduction to computer skills with parental controls to keep younger users safe.
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Entertaining
  • Teaches computing skills
  • No prior skills needed
  • Durable components
  • Parental controls
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Limited functions
  • No touch screen