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Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit
Kano Star Wars The Force Coding Kit

When I was a kid, the closest I ever came to learning about computers was sharing one Acorn computer between 30 students, if we were well behaved we would be allowed to print our name off in colourful letters, thankfully these days STEM games and toys are plentiful, which is reassuring as we will be relying on these kids to program our robot servants when we are old. KANO produce a range of toys designed to introduce children to the world of coding in a fun way, they won’t even realise it is educational.

Ideal for little Star Wars fans this kit lets you swap characters, add starships and change their movement. You can even fill the screen with Porgs with a wave of a hand, play with sounds by creating R2-D2’s beeps, create Chewie’s Wookiee roar and immerse yourself within the Falcon’s hyperdrive and more.

If that is not enough you can also play with the avatars, discover costumes, lightsabers, droids, and code your galaxy. Simply by moving your hand you can swing lightsabers, levitate X-wings and pilot starships. However, before playtime can begin your kit has to be built, the colourful easy to follow instruction book explains each stage from connecting the board to showing you how the sensors work.
Once the kit has been constructed it is time to learn to code, go on a journey from learner to master with step-by-step challenges, connect code blocks, see the JavaScript, learn about loops, logic and variables. From here personalised adventures can be created, share with humans from across the galaxy in the Kano World Community and take inspiration for new ideas.

The Force kit is suitable for ages six and up, however, the motion sensor can be a little buggy at times which could frustrate younger users, the range of games will keep Star Wars fans and budding scientists alike entertained. RRP £29.99

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A fun and entertaining way to introduce children to the world of coding
  • Entertaining
  • Durable components
  • Easy to follow instruction booklet
  • Kano World Community
  • Extensive play
  • Younger children may lose patience