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LEGO Delorean 5

OMG! HOW cool is this?! And I don’t care if cool is no longer a word used to describe things, sometimes some things, quite simply, are ‘cool’ and no-one is telling me otherwise! The 80’s saw some of the best movies ever to grace our screens and Back To The Future is right up there with them. Combined with the ultimate construction brick in LEGO, how can any sane person not want to own this?

Enough drooling, you’re not here to read about my nerdiness, what about the kit itself? Well, this is actually the 3rd Back To The Future kit that LEGO have released. (one of which was a mini-kit for the LEGO Dimensions game that I am literally looking at as I write this!). They were, of course, really cool too but this one notches it up a level. It’s a 3-in-1 kit and allows you to build the DeLorean as it is in each of the movies. They even go so far as to include the lightning rod conductor on the car from the first movie which Doc set up to allow the titular event to happen. Sorry if that’s a spoiler but I figure if you’re reading this, you know what happens…

As would be expected, the gullwing doors are in full effect and the flux capacitor even lights up. The 2nd car has folding wheels to completely re-create the “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!” feel of that one (still waiting on a hoverboard – 7 years now…) and finally, the 3rd one has all the tech from 1955 that Marty arrived in the Wild West with.

In case you hadn’t realised, I love this set! The attention to detail (the mini-figures are awesome!) is great, even down to different interchangeable number plates for each car design. On that note, I’m ‘outatime’! RRP £149.99

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Fancy building a Delorean? How about all three?!
  • 3 different versions of the DeLorean!
  • Mini-figures of Doc & Marty
  • Interchangeable number plates
  • ‘Light up’ flux Capacitor!