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Lego Harry Potter Diagon Alley Lego Harry Potter Diagon Alley
Lego Harry Potter Diagon Alley 5

My love for Lego started when I was little with a castle set that came with a dragon and glow in the dark ghost, I treasured it! When Lego collaborated with another obsession of mine Harry Potter, that was it, I wanted them all (and I’m not far off).

I thought after the Hogwarts Castle Lego would be hard pushed to produce a more detailed and impressive set, but wow I was wrong, the Diagon Alley is next level. Unlike the Hogwarts Castle however Diagon Alley is regular scale with 14 MiniFigures included, no Microfigures this time around, it has 5544 pieces making it the second largest Harry Potter after the castle and is suitable for ages 16 and up. This colourful row of shops is over a metre long featuring Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour with Mr. Fortescue himself, Scribbulus Writing Implements with quills and parchment, Flourish & Blotts has the charming Gilderoy Lockhart in for a book-signing of his latest publication, Magical Me, with Mrs. Weasley and Ginny standing watching struck. You can find Harry and Ron stood outside Quality Quidditch Supplies checking out the Firebolt, the Daily Prophet sits next door with the newspaper’s photographer out with his camera to capture the latest scoop.

The row of buildings is bookended by two iconic buildings, Ollivander’s Wand Shop with Ollivander and the wand case, designed especially for this set, at the other end is the twins Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes with both Fred and George proudly serving eager students skiving snack boxes and love potions. The details, as usual with the Harry Potter sets are enchanting, the intricate window displays, the shop signs, the owls delivering mail and all the goods inside the shops, there is even the archway to Knockturn alley where Harry accidentally ended up when he first used Floo Powder. A personal favourite is the Weasley’s shop sign with the moving arm that raises the hat up and down and the Quidditch Robe shop dummies in Quality Quidditch Supplies. We won’t give too much away as discovering all the little details is part of the absolute joy of building this set, based around the familiar film sets this is an absolute dream for both Potter fans and Lego fans alike. This wonderful set with its brightly coloured and carefully replicated shops is truly magical, we just have everything crossed that there will be more shop sets to come. Imagine how Eyelop’s Owl Emporium and Magical Menagerie would look or the creepy things you would find in Borgin and Burkes, not forgetting the magnificent Gringotts. Lego we have everything crossed for more bewitching sets like the Diagon Alley. RRP £369.99

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Muggles and magical folk alike can recreate the enchanting Diagon Alley, both Potter and Lego fans will get a real thrill out of this new set.
  • Meter long set
  • Seven familiar shops
  • 14 recognisable Minifigure-4 brand new releases
  • Wonderful attention to detail
  • Easy to follow instruction books
  • Quality and durable pieces
  • Compatible with LEGO Modular Buildings series