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Lego Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition Lego Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition
Lego Hogwarts Express – Collectors’ Edition 5

We recently took a trip to the Warner Bros Studios for the Harry Potter tour, one bit that never fails to take my breath away is the full-size Hogwarts Express, it is as iconic as Hogwarts itself and elegantly crosses from the muggle world into the magical one.

We already have the 801-piece Lego Hogwarts Express sitting pride of place on the office shelf, but this new Collectors Edition takes things to a whole new level of detail. This new set is aimed at builders who are 18+, it has 5129 pieces and 20 Minifigures and when completed you end up with an enchanting train and Kings Cross platform that measures up at over 26 cm (10.5 in.) high, 118 cm (46.5 in.) long and 20 cm (8 in.) wide that’s a 1:32 scale replica. The detail is magical with the engine, coal tender and 3-room passenger carriage that are all packed with film-accurate references, including the compartment interiors and Trevor the toad on the loose.

The detail underneath the train causes it to rock with genuine steam train motion and the carriage features light bricks for added movie magic atmosphere. What we loved about this set was being able to recreate four separate move scenes. The first is one of the most familiar moments in the whole series, when Harry, Ron and Hermione meet for the first time, “You’ve got dirt on your nose by the way. Did you know? Just there.”. This means you get the first-year version in mini figures with their stumpy little legs they are very cute, along with the train conductor and the Trolley Witch (it’s been so long since she was asked her name that she herself has forgotten it). The second scene is when Professor Lupin saves Harry from the Dementor in the third film, you get the trio in third year form (now with bending legs), Remus Lupin and a creepy dementor. The third scene is when Luna saves Harry from Draco’s spell in the sixth film and features six-year Harry, Draco and Luna.

The last scene is the final scene from the whole series the departure from Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station, for the first time we see adult Harry and Ginny, along with their children, Lily, James and Albus, all ready for Albus’s first trip to Hogwarts. There are two nameless mini figures with darker skin tones, a Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and although its good to finally see a little more diversity we were surprised the set didn’t include adult Ron and Hermione which is a shame as we don’t know when else we would get the chance to see these in mini figure design. There are so many delightful details that Potter fans will love but we aren’t here to spoil all the surprises, this set will appeal to Potter, Lego and train fans and due to the superior build quality of the Lego pieces it will last for generations. RRP £429.99

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This stunning train set brings all the magic of the Hogwarts Express into your home.
  • Enchanting attention to detail
  • Create four individual movie scenes
  • 20 mini figures include adult Harry and Ginny
  • 1:32 scale
  • Light bricks provide atmosphere
  • Steam engine rocking motion
  • No adult Ron and Hermione