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We are big fans of trivia games but often these games or quizzes come in a format that means you could be playing for hours and end up falling out with your competitors before completing the game (we have come close to having play pieces thrown across the room).

Linkee, however, is a fast paced game and can be won before anyone comes close to throwing a temper tantrum, it is super easy to play, first you select someone to be the question master, this person can act as both the host and referee of the game. The rest of the players separate into teams, you will need a pencil and piece of paper from the box, the aim of the game is to win enough cards to spell the word Linkee but it can also be played so that the first team to get six cards wins if you want a faster game.

To win a card you need to be the first team to guess the link of that card, each card has four questions whose answer will link up to form the answer.

For example, where would you be if you were enjoying Cowes’ week? -Isle of Wight, which fictional cat is famous for its mischievous grin? -Cheshire, what is Prince Charles’ wife’s official title? -Duchess of Cornwall and who was Superman’s alter ego? -Kent. Within your team you write down the answers, if you still can’t guess the link by the end of all four questions both teams will receive the clue, in this case it would be 83 of them in the UK, got it yet? Its Counties. You can guess the link as early as question one, however if you get it wrong you can no longer make any guesses in that round and you will have to deal with the wrath of your other team mates, however wait too long and the other team may guess it before you (there are slightly different rules for two players).

The game is a lot of fun, a good choice for parties and family gatherings, suitable for ages 12 and up, each game takes about 30mins to play, there’s no waiting around for your turn so even those with short attention spans will enjoy it. RRP £22.99

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An entertaining and fast paced game for Trivia Fans
  • Fast paced
  • Easy to learn
  • No waiting for your turn
  • Good balance of challenging questions without being too difficult
  • Suitable for 2-30 players
  • Expansion pack and Dinkee (junior edition) available
  • Questions are very current but would age with time (Who was the last Labour PM of the United Kingdom for example)

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