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Nerf Ultra Two Motorized Blaster Nerf Ultra Two Motorized Blaster
Nerf Ultra Two Motorized Blaster 4

Put a Nerf in anyone’s hands and it is impossible for them not to transform into a mischievous eight-year-old and fire it at the nearest person, they are seriously good fun and come in a wide range of models. New to the scene is the Nerf Ultra Two Motorized Blaster this beast comes with six ground-breaking Nerf Ultra darts, these are the farthest flying darts ever created by Nerf (up to 120 feet), they have an innovative flight tip, Aerofin technology, and Nerf Ultra foam. The Ultra Blaster will only work with these darts so you may want to stock up, the cylinder will hold six at a time and can be reloaded quickly from the back, you can see at all times how many are left. This blaster is suitable for ages 8 and up and requires six AA batteries to power the acceleration button (not included), when you hold this button down you can then fire one dart at a time.

The Blaster is like an oversized pistol at 3.11 x 14.49 x 8.5 inches and weighs in 1.36lb, it can be held in one hand leaving the other hand free to reload. As the darts can be fired one at a time this gives a few moments between shots to reposition your aim, it is worth noting the acceleration button is held before the trigger button or the dart may jam. If this happens the dart can easily be poked back into the cylinder via the little window in the side, this might take younger players a few goes to get the hang of it but kids these days can program computers, it won’t take them long. The Blaster is surprisingly accurate even in the most rookie hands, we had a lot of fun stacking up flowerpots and shooting them down, that evolved into shooting the person who was stacking them, 10 points for a butt shot. The Nerf Ultra Two Motorized Blaster is a lot of fun, great for ages 8-108, I must finish writing now as I need to hide behind the sofa with this weapon, my husband has no idea what’s coming for him. RRP £27.99

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Fire faster and further with more accuracy than ever before.
  • Ultra darts fly up to 120 feet
  • One hand action
  • Accurate shot
  • Fast rear reloading
  • Darts visible at all times
  • Can become jammed if trigger not held correctly
  • Batteries not included