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Razor Pocket Mod Petite Scooter Razor Pocket Mod Petite Scooter
Razor Pocket Mod Petite Scooter 5

As a kid I always wanted a motorbike, if the Pocket Mod Petite Scooter had existed when I was younger, I would have been pestering my folks for one nonstop, in fact when it arrived for review it took a lot of persuading to stop me hoping on it and heading for the horizon.

Unfortunately for me, this scooter has been designed for kids 13 and up, it can handle a max weight of 77kg (170 lbs) and comes in Bella (pink) or Vapor (black). The vintage inspired design based around a classic Italian scooter will appeal to other children as it looks like a smaller version of an adult scooter rather than a child’s toy. The study scooter weighs 26.75kg and measures up at 50″ x 18″ x 30″, it requires a small amount of assembly but don’t worry, neither you nor your child has to learn any mechanic skills.

Neither will they have to take a trip up to the petrol station thanks to the built in 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system, however this battery will take a whopping 12hours to fully charge. It should be common sense, but it is probably worth mentioning that this scooter is not to be used on public highways (roads/pavements) and must be used on private property with owner’s consent.

It is also important that appropriate protective equipment is worn at all times as this scooter can reach up to 15mph, that might not sound a lot but it’s faster than most cyclists go and we all know how much falling off your bike can hurt. The Pocket Mod Petite features a step through steel frame, high torque chain driven motor, twist-grip acceleration control just like a real scooter, hand operated rear brake and 12″ pneumatic tyres, it even has a retractable centre mount kickstand and under seat storage for your lunch.

Due to the size and weight this scooter cannot be easily transported so you will need a suitable place locally to ride it around, it is heavy but it’s easy enough for a 13-year-old to push and manoeuvre into the right position. The other thing worth noting is the battery will only last up to 40 minutes of continuous use which isn’t a huge amount in exchange for 12 hours charging. Battery life aside the scooter is a lot of fun, robust build quality, beautifully designed, easy and comfortable to ride, it should satisfy those young bikers until they are old enough to have get their license. RRP £369

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This battery-operated, Italian style mod scooter can reach speeds of up to 15mph that’s a whole lot of fun.
  • Beautifully designed
  • Classical Italian mod design
  • Up to 15mph
  • Twist and go accelerator
  • Kick stand
  • Storage under the seat
  • Fun
  • 12hours charging gives you up to 40mins ride time
  • Not easily portable