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SpyraThree™ 4.5

On those rare occasions in this country where it’s hot enough to warrant a water pistol fight, what you got? An old washing up liquid bottle or a disposable water bottle or, if you’re really lucky some water balloons. Bit feeble to be honest. Whip this bad boy out and there’s no way you’re losing to an old washing up liquid bottle!

Not only does it shoot like any other water pistol (I say pistol, it’s bigger than that but ‘water gun’ sounds like you’re trying to control angry mobs of people trying to steal your water pistol…) in one mode, you also have another two modes: Burst, which fires a burst of 3 superfast ‘bolts’ of water that are sure to get anyone’s attention although this does drain the tank pretty quickly and Tournament mode that restricts your rate of fire but allows you to release a powershot with better range and impact. I had no idea things such as Water pistol tournaments existed but I reckon I’m going to start looking them up!

As well as the 3 shooting modes the refilling is very quick and easy – simply dunk the barrel in to water and it automatically fills up in just under 10 seconds and you’re good to go again, just make sure to have a few strategic ‘re-loading’ buckets spread around your gaming area. You can also keep an eye on how full the tank is with the digital display and also how good your battery is to go. The Spyra Three is recharged through a standard USB-C port (charging cable supplied) and takes about 4 hours to completely charge. You get about 2200 shots from a full charge so it should be plenty for a good sesh of soaking! As for the range? You can get to about 35 foot with a regular shot and 50 foot with the Power Blast! I don’t think I need to say anything else do I? RRP £126

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An absolute blast, thoroughly recommended!
  • Different shooting modes
  • Quick and easy reload
  • Digital display
  • Fires up to 50 feet away!
  • If you go beyond the refilling line when sticking it in, it can leak and when you’re rushing this is all the more likely