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Unless you have been living under a rock lately (and with the year we have had there is no judgement) the chances are you may have come across Squishmallows, these cuddle characters have been around since 2017 but their popularity has recently skyrocketed due to the combination of the pandemic and TikTok. SquishTok (yes, it’s what the fans call it) has shown how these huggable creatures have become a source of comfort during a difficult year and collecting them and showing them off has created a welcome distraction and a sense of community amongst fans. Just like a similar collectable cuddly toy craze in the 90s these cute characters come in a range of themes and each with a unique name and Bio which adds to the collectability.

They are made from a super soft spandex with a lightweight polyester stuffing, perfect for cuddling or using as pillows, they come in a range of sizes from 8inches up to a whopping 24inchs, this means there is the perfect size for little kids and big kids a like. The squad themes range from animals and mythical creatures to fruit and other food, who doesn’t love smashed avocado on toast in cuddly form. We received Sharde a sort of unicorn fox, Brock a cuddly pup, Chelsea a blue and pink leopard kitty, 24inch Paulita, a big pink tabby cat and my favourite, Celilia, a sweet fuzzy penguin. If you cannot decide what character to go for you can always order from the mystery squad, which gives you a lucky dip in a size of your choice. No matter how old you are there is something very charming about these squidgy guys, they make great gifts for young and old or simply treat yourself to a huggable friend whilst our human ones are still just out of reach (2m out of reach to be precise). RRP from £31.89

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These collectable and tactile cuties are all the rage, great gifts for both young and old.
  • Super soft
  • Cute squads to choose from
  • A range of sizes
  • Highly collectable
  • A little pricey