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American Tourister Urban Groove Laptop Backpack 14inch American Tourister Urban Groove Laptop Backpack 14inch
American Tourister Urban Groove Laptop Backpack 14inch 4

American Tourister have been creating luggage and bags since 1933 with the very first suitcase being sold at just $1, in 1993 they were bought by Samsonite, bringing together two of the world’s biggest luggage brands whilst keeping the American Tourister brand at affordable prices.

The Laptop Backpack 14″ is part of the Urban Groove collection, this particular model comes in one colour, black, and will appeal to those looking for a straightforward laptop bag without outlandish designs drawing attention to itself or breaking the bank. This bag measures up at 44 x 30 x 24.5cm and weights 500g, it gives you a total capacity of 25L with the included 14inch laptop compartment and is constructed from 100% polyester. Starting at the very front of the bag there is a hidden, zip up compartment pocket, handy for storing things you may need to grab quickly, phone, wallet or travel pass for example. Behind that is a larger zip up compartment with a plastic key attachment clip and a second zip up mesh pocket to store smaller accessories, cables or chargers, the larger area can be used for documents or notes books.

The largest compartment is the widest, this can be used to store spare layers, lunch or any other essentials you may need and behind that is the padded laptop sleeve. Just above that is a dedicated area to write your contact details including, names, phone number and email address, just in case it gets misplaced at any point. At the top of the bag is a padded carry handle and coat peg hook, whilst the two shoulder straps are adjustable in length and feature a light amount of padding and webbing for ventilation. On the left side is a mesh stretch pocket handy for storing a water bottle and keeping any potential leaks outside of the bag. The two zips on the main compartment can be locked with a padlock for extra security. There were a few negatives that stood out when testing this bag, the finish could be a little cleaner, there were a couple of lose threads here and there. The laptop sleeve reaches all the way to the bottom of the bag and although the base is padded there is a gap between the base and the back which the laptop can slip between, it is worth being aware of this when setting it down on hard surfaces. There is very little ventilation on the back of the bag so things can get a little toasty on warmer days, the padding could also be more generous here to prevent the laptop from bumping into the back whilst walking. This laptop bag is best suited for carrying your gear to and from work via a car or public transport like a bus or overground train, it isn’t all singing and all dancing, it gives you the essentials and nothing more complicated. RRP £42.00

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A basic laptop bag that doesn’t draw attention to itself and the valuable contents that are tucked inside.
  • Plenty of pockets to store your gear
  • Simple design
  • Hidden front compartment
  • Padded carry handle
  • Stretchy water bottle pocket
  • Few loose threads
  • Minimal ventilation
  • Shoulder straps and back strap could use more padding
  • Laptop reaches the bottom of the bag