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GEGO Universal Luggage Tracker GEGO Universal Luggage Tracker
GEGO Universal Luggage Tracker 4

As the world reopens we remember what holidays and travelling were. Over the next few months we will be looking at a number of travel gadgets to help make travelling safer, comfortable and more enjoyable. This month we will be taking a look at the GEGO global tracker.

The GEGO Universal Tracker can be placed inside or attached to …. anything you want to track basically. The device is the size of a credit card and is very light. (3.54 inches x 2.17 inches x 0.38 inches and 1.73 ounces). It will be able to track locally through Bluetooth connecting to your phone or through the 3G network which provides worldwide coverage with no additional roaming charges. We found through the Bluetooth the connection was instant piggybacking the signal from my phone with real time alerts, through its own 3G the real time feedback was slightly delayed. We have reviewed trackers before which are more instant but not one that tracks this much distance, this can be used to track in 192 countries.

I found the battery life very good, under active use the device will last a week I would always check and charge every couple of days though to make sure you are safe for the following week, when not in use I would imagine the charge would hold for a month. The device is also compliant with all air regulations so you can take it on flights, as a luggage tracker you would assume this is the case but I thought I would include that here to avoid any doubt.

You can track through downloading the app on your phone which is simple enough to use and works the same with phones on all operating systems, it is also the only tracker that can be used with Alexa. Through the app you can set alerts and notifications, security zones for example so you know when the tracker has been taken out of a certain area.

The service plans are either $14.95 on a monthly rolling contract or $11.95 per month on an annual service plan. RRP $39.95

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  • 3G Signal
  • Nice app
  • Long battery