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Kabuto Carry-On 4 Wheels Kabuto Carry-On 4 Wheels
Kabuto Carry-On 4 Wheels 5

When it comes to luggage not all suitcases are created equal, yes you can pick up cheap little carry-on case but don’t be surprised if after a couple of trips, the corners are frayed, the wheels are sticking and the zip splits.

Instead of replacing your luggage every few years why not invest in a premium product that will last for countless trips whilst providing high end features to make travelling a stress-free process. The Kabuto Carry-On is a beautifully made suitcase, you will feel the need to wash your dirty laundry before packing it into this bag, it comes in three colours White Silver, Black Copper and Blue Silver and two sizes, Expandable or Non-Expandable. We received the Blue Silver Non-Expandable to take a closer look at. It has IATA carry on recommended dimensions at 55 x 35 x 23cm and weighs 3.6kg, it is constructed from polycarbonate and has 100% recycled polyester front access point.

The case is waterproof, impact resistant to withstand the rough and tumble of airline travel and the four all terrain wheels are fitted on double ball bearings and rubber tires, which creates a smooth and whisper quiet ride on all surfaces. To ensure you can stay connected on the move there is a removable back pocket to store your laptop, attached with Magic connected clipping with MagSafe magnets and a USB C socket to charge your device when the laptop pocket is locked back onto the suitcase. There is room to add a second computer inside the suitcase up to 15”, keeping it protected and independent from the rest of your personal stuff.

The integrated, removable 10,000mAh (FAA approved) battery lets you charge your computer and phone on the go and comes with two USB C sockets, a USB A socket and a micro USB located at the top of the case. Forget about fiddling around with tiny padlocks this suitcase can be unlocked via the fingerprint biometric sensor (TSA approved), providing quiet access to all your belongings. It is so easy to organise your possessions inside the case, the standalone shoe compartment at the bottom of the case can be used for shoes or the laundry bag and there is a soft lined organiser pocket to safely store your phone or sunglasses. The wide and durable, retractable handle pops up with a push of a button and can be adjusted to four different heights making it a breeze to pull along on two wheels or push along on four. There is a hard, removable divider with built in mesh pockets to separate your clothes. We received the Kabuto Luggage Scales (£18.12, sold separately), just like the bag they are beautifully constructed with a wide, ergonomically shaped handle and compact, packable design. If I’m going to look for an issue, the only problem I could find with this suitcase is that the main zip can get slightly stuck on the corners, that is it and certainly not something that would ever put me off owning this bag. Every detail about this bag has been carefully considered, making travelling an effortless experience time and time again. RRP £565

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A premium suitcase that delivers a premium service.
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Removable battery pack
  • Quiet and smooth wheels
  • Retractable handle (four different heights)
  • Separate shoe compartments
  • Detachable computer back panel
  • Biometric fingerprint lock system (stores 10 fingerprints)
  • Zippered partition
  • Lots of pockets to organise belongings
  • Compact, tactile scales