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LaVie Premium LaVie Premium
LaVie Premium 4.5

It is hard to imagine when looking into a clear glass of water that there can be any hidden nasties in there but the reality is that there is a lot more in this glass than simple H2O, bottled water has been popular for a long time for delivering purer water but it comes at a huge environmental cost.

The LaVie Premium is easily the most beautiful purifier we have come across with all the tech housed in a natural bamboo casing, the 1 litre bottle is made from borosilicate glass and topped off with a bamboo cap. This LaVie uses UV-A LEDS that are built into the bamboo case, this light purifies the water by destroying chlorine, derivatives and more than 90% of bacteria, whilst using just a small amount of electricity, 1000L could cost as little as €1.5. The Premium is effortless to use, simply fill the bottle from the tap and pop it in the purifier. The integrated sensor located at the bottom of the unit will automatically switch on the LaVie and start the 15minutes treatment followed by an automatic switch off.

Once exposed to the UV-A light the chlorine, bad tastes and smells are all removed, as well as reducing drug and pesticide residues not to mention preventing more plastic bottles being thrown away each day. The water tastes purer and fresher, with no plasticky smells or taste that you can get with bottled water or the chemical taste you might find in tap water. The bottle has been designed to last for a long time, the incorporated gasket provides a tight seal and can be kept at room temperature or popped in the fridge. Additional bottles are available for an additional €19.90. If you enjoy purified water then the LaVie will make a functional and attractive addition to your kitchen, helping you to kick the plastic bottle habit whilst still enjoying fresh water. RRP €199,00

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Premium by name, premium by nature.
  • Discrete, bamboo design
  • Eliminates chlorine, purifies and reduces drug and pesticide residues
  • Automatic on/off
  • Straightforward to use
  • Zero plastic waste
  • Pure and fresh tasting water