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RiutBag Crush RiutBag Crush
RiutBag Crush

When we were travelling in China we were encouraged to wear our daypacks on our fronts as “a bag on your back doesn’t belong to you”, this makes sense for security reasons, preventing anyone behind you from sneaking into your bag however for comfort and practicality it is less than ideal.

RiutBag came up with what now seems like an obvious answer to this issue by switching up the location of the access zips to lay against your back, meaning you get the comfort of carrying your gear on your back whilst safe in the knowledge that all the zips are out of reach in crowded areas.

The Crush is a great travel companion, designed to be a super light and secure daypack, ready to deploy when you need it, this minimalist bag folds down into a neat pocket built onto the bag and weighs just 240grams, just because its compact doesn’t mean you have to compromise on strength, thanks to the double layers of ripstop nylon, that’s the same material used to make hot air balloons.
This bag is also shower proof, helping to keep your gear dry when caught out in the rain, for protection against pouring rain the RiutBag Cover (small size) is available separately to make the Crush 100% waterproof. The bag has a minimalist black design on the outside with a bright green inner lining to help you find your belongings, measuring up at 40cm x 25cm x 20cm and just 22cm x 15cm x 6cm when folded down. There are three pockets to help keep your things organised, a top pocket is ideal for small valuables you might need to access quickly, the D-pocket is used to pack down the bag but can also be used to store your phone or wallet and the main compartment is suitable for everything else.

Due to the compact construction of this bag there is no padding on the straps however they are wide enough to distribute the weight and have ventilation webbing to keep things cool. The back panel doesn’t have any ventilation so be prepared for some sweat patches on warm days when wearing it for a long time, it comes in a little water resistant draw string bag (it’s a bag in a bag in a pocket), one handy addition would be a little loop or strap on the outside of the Crush when its packed down so it can be attached to the outside of a bag, bike or belt loop.

The Crush is a handy little bag, great for travelling, cycling and daytrips with the added security features to protect your belongings in crowded areas. RRP £49.00

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The Crush is a compact, lightweight bag that is ready to deploy whenever you need it
  • All access points hidden against the wearers back
  • Folds down into its own D-pocket
  • Breathable straps
  • Shower proof
  • High quality materials
  • No ventilation on the back