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It’s not often you get backpacks designed for cycling. Most of the time backpacks are designed to be a catch-all thing with little mind given to what you’re doing with them other than just having them on your back! And sorting all your stuff securely of course. Which is something this Roll Top backpack from Stubble and Co manages to achieve admirably.

Firstly, it has a padded laptop compartment that settles on your back to ensure your essential electronics stay dry and safe and the back panel itself is designed to be breathable and cushioned so you won’t be getting jabbed in the back as you travel or feel like you’re cycling with a plank of wood supporting you! It has external, elasticated pockets on both sides for water bottles or anything else you may need quick access to and the inside pockets are compartmentalised with their own zips. As well as this, there are pockets for stationery such as pens and notebooks so no need to rummage around inside the 20L capacity interior to get what you’re after. There is also a top grab handle for added convenience.

As is to be expected for a rucksack like this, the material is fully waterproof while the zips are water resistant and the seems are also waterproof, making sure the contents stay dry. The top of the rucksack is designed to be rolled down, near enough removing any possibility of rain entering through the top and it then clips shut with a G-Hook that keeps it secure while you’re travelling. To help with visibility, especially when cycling, the trim is reflective and there is also a bike light anchor for added safety. All-in-all, a multi-functional bag ideally suited for those travelling by bike and likely to get caught out in inclement weather. RRP £110

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A well-made and designed bag constructed with vegan-friendly and recycled material. Can’t go much wrong with this!
  • Designed for cycling
  • Well-designed interior
  • Added visibility at night
  • Good capacity
  • The only thing that could possibly improve this bag is the addition of a trolley hook but then, it’s not designed for travelling by air!