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Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor
Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor 4

It is easy to assume the air inside is clean, with the doors and windows shut the pollution from outside the house is shut out, right?

Wrong, the air quality inside your home can actually be five times as bad as outside. The Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor will monitor the air in the room and via the smartphone app it will alert you with personalised notifications of irritants like animal dander, mould, toxins and pollen, airborne particles that can set off asthma and allergy sufferers.

The Cair can detect both coarse particles (ranging from 10-3 microns in size) dust, ash, large bacteria and dense oil smoke, as well as fine particles (ranging from 2.5 microns and under), dust mite droppings, dense smoke, fine dust and some bacterial spores. VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) can also be detected, these are chemicals which easily evaporate, such as, perfume sprays, scented candles, open fires and cleaning products as well as temperature and humidity.

Understanding and managing your triggers is important for asthma and allergy sufferers, the Cair collects this information so you can see any patterns forming which may trigger symptoms. The app is clear and easy to navigate, along with tracking indoor air quality the Cair sensor also includes a feature to help users track their PEF readings using the familiar Log Data button.

The Cair is compatible with the Home Connect cooker hood and is Alexa Integrated allowing you to simply ask Alexa about the air quality in your home, Alexa will reply using its specially designed Cair features. You can set up via the app to receive personalised notifications when the air quality in your home poses a potential problem, it will then provide you with a set of recommendations as to how to improve the air quality.

You can log events like allergy or asthma issues with minimal button presses, this helps to train the system to deliver personalised alerts. You will need a WiFi Router to allow the Cair to connect to the Cloud via WiFi which is a relatively easy setup, the unit itself could do with a little make over as it isn’t the most attractive of products and doesn’t blend in to the home décor.

The Cair Smart Air Quality Sensor is an informative product helping you identify triggers and patterns within the air quality of your home, a good piece of kit for those suffering with asthma and allergies or those simply looking to improve the air quality of their home. RRP £139.35

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An informative way to monitor indoor air quality, ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Detailed air quality information
  • Personalised alerts
  • Recommendations to improve air
  • Easy to use app
  • Recognise patterns and triggers for symptoms
  • Design could be improved