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Wacaco Nanopresso Wacaco Nanopresso
Wacaco Nanopresso 4.5

The Nanopresso is a compact and portable espresso machine which lets you produce a fresh cup of coffee no matter where you are.

This small but capable device delivers your favourite coffee thanks to the patented pumping system, this can reach a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure during the extraction process. There are lots of different parts to the Nanopresso, which can look intimidating at first, but after a few goes it becomes second nature, all you need is hot water and your favourite espresso ground coffee. The results are a rich and tasty espresso with a dense crema layer every single time. Everything packs away inside the main unit making it great for day trips, hiking, camping and picnics. Simply unscrew the base of the unit? remove the scoop, cleaning brush and water tank with cup attached to it, unscrew the portafilter and take out the coffee filter basket, scoop your coffee and add to the coffee basket.

The bottom of the scoop can be used to tamper the coffee, replace the basket and portafilter, add up to 80ml of hot water to the water tank and attach. Now for the mini workout. Unlock the piston, flip the Nanopresso upside down and get pumping, it takes 6-8 pumps to get up to pressure then a further 20-30 pumps for the extraction. The Nanopresso can be slipped in your backpack or even your pocket at just 6.14inches and 336g. The unit is lined and protected by the detachable cup, with a heatsink pattern that prevents the outside from becoming hot to the touch. Everything comes apart easily for cleaning when you get back from your adventure ready for the next one. We were really impressed with the quality of the espresso produced by this little machine, no electricity needed, a must have for those coffee addicts with a sense of adventure.
RRP £50.90

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Enjoy a quality espresso anytime, anywhere.
  • Produces tasty espresso with crema
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to clean
  • Highly portable
  • Heat resistant lining
  • 80ml water tank
  • Manual power
  • You will need to supply boiling water
  • Nowhere to store coffee