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iStorage datAshur BT flash drive iStorage datAshur BT flash drive
iStorage datAshur BT flash drive 4

With data (and the sharing or otherwise of it) digital security is paramount nowadays. It’s not like back in days of yore where we all memorised phone numbers (usually an area code and less than 6 digits…) and (SHOCK!) actually wrote important things down with a pencil and paper (pens were fer t’posh folk!). No, these days data protection is everywhere and rightly so!

Which is why I’m quietly impressed with these little flash drives. It feels like they’ve taken the protection to a whole other level. Not only do you have your standard 7-15 character password to access whatever you have stored on there, you can also link it to your phone (either Android or iOS – it’s not fussy) via Bluetooth so that it can only be unlocked using the biometrics on your phone (Face ID, Eye scan, thumbprint, however you’ve done it). They can even be remotely managed! So, if it goes missing you can instantly lock it, you can ensure someone only gets access to it at a certain time (perfect for little surprises like Happy Birthday videos) and you can even only allow it to work in certain areas if you so wish. The remote management does require a subscription service I should say but, from the point of view of running a business, this would be a small price to pay given that you can restrict access to sensitive information for work hours only or set it so that the drive doesn’t operate if taken elsewhere by an employee – both fantastic ways to keep data safe if you have work from home staff dealing with sensitive customer information.

There is a lighter side to this also – imagine setting a treasure trail for kids using the above features or timing a congratulations message to be available on cue? There’s a lot you could do with these innocuous little bits of tech, let your imagination run wild…
RRP: Ranges from £79 for a 16GB drive to £139 for a 128GB drive.

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Very effective data protection USB Drive
  • Very portable
  • Good data encryption
  • Can link to already established biometrics on your phone