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VestGuard Quick Release Xtreme Tactical Overt Body Armour Cover VestGuard Quick Release Xtreme Tactical Overt Body Armour Cover
VestGuard Quick Release Xtreme Tactical Overt Body Armour Cover 5

VestGuard UK is Britain’s leading manufacturer and supplier of body armour, ballistic helmets, hard armour plates and composite armour systems. Their kit is used by government and military clients around the world, as well as being utilised as personal protection for civilians. They hold stock for urgent operational requirements and as a manufacturer they can design bespoke solutions for clients looking to purchase in greater numbers. To provide personalised equipment for their staff.

The VestGuard products come in a range of sizes, colours and protection levels to meet each operational environment and threat. The Quick Release Xtreme Tactical Overt Body Armour Cover can be personalised at the point of purchase. This vest can be used with soft armour panels (SAP) to provide protection up to NIJ level IIIA (3A), or the protection level can be increased with the use of hard armour plates (HAP), depending on what your individual requirements are.

The vest features a flame resistant (BS 6941:2003) Cordura texturised nylon finish with flame resistant Velcro closures (BS 7971-4:2002), the 360o MOLLE webbing attachment system can be used to attached additional pouches and pockets.

The reinforced hard armour plate compartments are bottom loading, the integrated side pouches can be used for additional hard armour protection or ammunition. The tailored fit cummerbund includes a front anti-tamper closure that secures the cummerbund in place. There are front and rear adjustments as well as adjustable shoulder straps for a precise fit. The Quick Release system can be activated with either the left or right-handed deployment grab handle.

Other features include the easy to assemble hidden wired quick release system, cable management wire routing shoulder loops and emergency evacuation reinforced rear grab handle. This vest comes with a one year outer carrier excellence warranty. There is a choice of SAPs (providing protection to the front, back & sides), up to NIJ level IIIa (3A). There are three levels of hard armour plates to choose from MAX-3 NIJ level III (3), MAX-1 NIJ level III+SS109 (3+) and MAX-4 NIJ level IV (4) – to provide protection at the front, back and sides of the body if required.

This versatile vest can be configured to suit your specific safety needs, whilst providing lots of useful features to ensure comfort and speedy entrance and exit.

RRP £149- £1,190.80 (depending on the armour load out). VestGuard UK currently have a limited quantity of their Quick Release Xtreme Tactical Body Armour Covers (Cover only) in black, only size XL on sale for £50.00 each ex VAT & delivery.

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