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iHood All area heating system 3.0 iHood All area heating system 3.0
iHood All area heating system 3.0 4.5

Remember Back to the Future II™? When Marty McFly ended up in the water and his self-drying jacket dried him off in a few seconds? Well, this isn’t quite that, but we’re close! Sort of. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend going for a dunk in this jacket (seriously, not a good idea!) and expecting it to warm you up afterwards but if it’s cold outside, this thing should keep the shivers away. Alright, it’s nothing like the movie coat but I bet I’m not the only one that though of it as soon as you saw this thing!

There are 6 different heating elements – 2 in the front at waist height, 3 on the back (2 lower back, 1 upper) and 1 on the neck and, at the highest setting, the temperature can reach a toasty 70°C which should be good enough for most of the winter weather we get here in the UK, not to mention things like skiing holidays. The switch panel is conveniently situated on the left chest and 3 separate buttons control each of the 3 different areas for heating. A 3 second press turns each element on and off and, once switched on, a touch adjusts the heat from low-medium-high (roughly 50/60/70° respectively). The switch panel changes colour depending on the setting but you can switch off the lighted function should you so wish or need.

Not only is this jacket heated, it’s also waterproof in light or moderate rain and even machine-washable! Just don’t tumble-dry it, it won’t last long… The battery is good for 7 hours at the lowest setting with all elements active and about 3.5 hours at the highest, giving you plenty of cozy-warm time for most uses. It also looks pretty good to be fair – you certainly won’t feel like a ridiculous Michelin-Man while wearing it!

RRP $189.99

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An easy, stylish way to keep warm in the colder months, I especially like the neck heating element.
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Separate controls for each heating area
  • Machine-washable
  • No colour options
  • Instruction manual is very small print