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Nebo Rambler PS100 Powerstation Nebo Rambler PS100 Powerstation
Nebo Rambler PS100 Powerstation 4

It’s frustrating when you’re out and about and an electronic device you rely on runs out of charge and there’s no charging points! I’ve suffered this when getting out of the flat once in a while (I get bored and distracted easily, a change in locale can help alleviate this problem for me) writing these reviews and wherever I end up doesn’t have an available charging point. Well, that’s exactly what a powerstation is for and more fool me for not making use of one earlier!

This one from Nebo is pretty much an all-rounder and can charge near enough anything electronic you’re likely to have with you. It has 2 USB-A charging ports, a USB-C Bi-directional charging port and even a wireless docking port as well as 3 different lighting modes for night time use. The thing that sets this apart however, is the adaptability provided by multiple adaptors allowing all sorts of different types of power socket to be accessed – even to the point of including European and American socket adaptors for plugging in to wall sockets. Several cable types are included – DC to USB-C, USB-C to USB-C and a car charger, giving you all the options you are likely to need. This really does feel like an all-in-one kit.

The battery itself is a massive 26,000 mAh! To put this in context you’re looking at a device that can power-up a mobile phone 6-8 times, a laptop a couple of times and other, less intense devices even more times before it needs recharging itself. And that recharging only takes about 3-4 hours before it’s good to go all over again! On top of that, it also has through-charging so you can charge your other devices simultaneously, while in the car for example – a very handy feature for those driving from one place to the next. RRP £219.99

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A truly all-in-one power bank that you’ll come to rely on, especially if you travel a lot!
  • Multiple charging options and inter-continental
  • Large amount of charge held (96.2 Watt-hours)
  • Built-in torch
  • Passes flight regs to be able to store in hand luggage
  • A little heavy at over a kilo in weight makes it a less attractive prospect if hiking for example.