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PowerA Controller Charging Base for Nintendo Switch PowerA Controller Charging Base for Nintendo Switch
PowerA Controller Charging Base for Nintendo Switch 4.5

Any gamer worth their salt will have multiple game titles to choose from and all of them will have their own style of play. This leads to different types of controller littered around your gaming area and the frustrating hunt to find them every time you game! You finally dig one out and are merrily gaming away when the battery dies at a crucial moment… You need something to keep them in one place and fully charged and the controller charging base for Nintendo Switch from PowerA does exactly this.

The slots at the back are for the Joy-Cons and they fit nicely too with an emphasis on ease of attaching and detaching them. You don’t need to use the connecting buttons like you do when you attach them to your Switch, making the whole process easier. The space for the Pro Controller isn’t quite so straight-forward as you need to plug in the USB-C adaptor before settling it on its crib to rest. This comes with the kit but I’m not sure why this couldn’t just be built in to the charging base itself? Still, it’s not a major hardship and a minor gripe.

The charger itself is solid, well made and compact and has rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around. It also features a recess and a couple of cable clips to keep the power lead in control, a nice little touch. The LED lighting is simple too – red for charging, green for charged with the lights placed fairly obviously so you know what’s ready and the installation is a simple matter of plugging a USB cable in to the Nintendo Switch dock itself. Combined with the fact that PowerA have been doing licensed gaming accessories for more than two decades, you’ve got yourself a good solid, well-priced unit. RRP £29.99

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An all in one Nintendo switch controller charging extravaganza
  • Charge Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers at the same time
  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • Fully Licensed manufacturer means less likelihood of damage to your controllers.
  • Separate USB-C adaptor really needed?