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Although sustainable period products have recently had a big rise in popularity, they have been around much longer than many of us realise, Aisle has been making period underwear since 1993 with many style and design alterations along the way.

We received two of their undies to test out, the Aisle Boxer Brief ($46) and the Aisle Hipster ($42), both came in Black, but they are also available in Blue, Green and Rust, there is a size for everyone starting at X-Small and running to 5X Large. This underwear is made from a soft and breathable organic cotton and TENCEL, with recycled polyester and TPU in the gusset, the organic cotton provides structure with stability as well as flexibility, helping keep the gusset in the right place, and TENCEL adds to the softness and has a wicking property. We have tested out some period pants that feel more like a swimsuit material and they get so warm, whereas these feel a lot closer to normal underwear and are much cooler. The TENCEL is more absorbent than the previous materials we have reviewed, it is a man-made cellulosic fibre and is made with wood pulp in a proprietary process by Austrian textile manufacturer Lenzing AG making it an ultra-sustainable material with eco-friendly manufacturing.

The boxer briefs have a trans inclusive design and provide more extensive cover for a secure feeling, they are comfortable to sleep in. The Hipsters are the most popular choice and when they launched their extended plus size range. Instead of scaling the sizing up from a straight-sized sample size, Aisle started with a 1X sample and graded the sizing appropriately, with multiple fittings and working with fit experts, to provide a genuine fit for the plus size customers. Both pairs of underwear can hold two tampons worth of blood, they both come with a booster strip, this can be slipped inside the gusset to hold an extra two tampons worth. The booster can be changed throughout the day to manage heavy flow with additional boosters available in the store for $5 per booster. When the boosters are used the underwear does feel bulky, we also found it can roll up a little at the sides, it can be a little fiddly getting them in there with the risk of things getting messy when switching them out on heavy days. These period undies are versatile with their replaceable boosters, we found they were at their most comfortable without the booster, but it is reassuring to know it’s on option. There are stats on the website showing you the impact of your chosen design in terms of waste, CO2 avoided and energy conserved giving these pants a feel-good factor. These undies offer a comfortable and reliable alternative to disposable period products, helping you kick out some plastic and waste from your lifestyle. RRP $40-$46

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An eco-conscious and comfortable way to manage that time of the month.
  • Breathable, wicking material
  • Plus size and trans inclusive designs
  • Machine washable
  • Holds up to 4 tampons worth (when used with booster)
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sustainable and eco conscious materials
  • Booster can be fiddly to insert
  • Bulky with booster