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Arlo has been a brand we have fallen in love with over the last few months and the Arlo Pro 4 like the wireless doorbell can work without being connected to a smarthub and connect directly to your Wi-Fi network, which has made this a much more affordable model at cost price starting at £220 for one camera rising to £569.99 for a 3 camera kit.

With the camera you do receive a free three month trial to Arlo Smart, but with the lack of a SmartHub means there’s no local storage option. So, if you want to view videos after they’ve been stored, you’ll need to continue with the Arlo Smart subscription, which costs £2.49 per month.

The Arlo Pro 4 records 2K resolution colour footage during the day and at night, thanks to the built-in spotlight. Offering a 160-degree field of vision, if the camera detects motion, it will push out an alert to your smartphone, so you can view the camera’s feed in real-time. It also stores the video clips in a secure area online (providing you’ve subscribed to an Arlo Smart plan), and these clips can be reviewed at any time for 30 days after being recorded.

Arlo Smart offers more than just online storage for video clips, It also provides a number of AI-based features designed to reduce unwanted alerts – such as being able to identify whether motion was down to a person, animal, vehicle, or some other source, and the ability to create zones so notifications are pushed only when activity is detected in these areas.

Just like other Arlo home security cameras, the Pro 4 is weatherproof and can be powered via the mains or a rechargeable battery, which Arlo claims will last up to six months before it requires charging. The camera is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, although for HomeKit support, it will need to be connected to a SmartHub (included in our Xmas gift guide.)

You can zoom in up to 12x with 2K HDR video that can be installed in minutes thanks to a 100% wire-free design and intuitive QR code set-up. Get alerts straight to your phone and trigger the built-in siren or spotlight deterrents for superior protection. RRP £220

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The cheapest Arlo camera so far.
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