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Duux Whisper Flex Duux Whisper Flex
Duux Whisper Flex 4.5

We have been very grateful the last week to be reviewing the Whisper Flex from Duux, yes we have been spoilt with the weather with temperatures in the high twenties but we have been doing all we can to keep our six week old cool from the heat with the ideal room temperate for newborns between 16 and 20 degrees.

This was set up with me holding said baby while my partner was getting some well deserved zen In the form of yoga, it was very easy to set up with the instructions and parts all in clearly numbered bags. The only thing I had a slight struggle with was adding the extension to make the fan taller as the instructions tell you to plug the fan directly into the base before they add later in the instructions you can extend it. I was struggling with how to take it apart and looking for the two buttons mentioned in the instructions that needed to be pressed to release. After being stuck with a clueless face for a few minutes I found there was just a long button you press in at the bottom and then pull it away to release.

We had the Whisper Flex without the battery pack which you can pay an additional 50 euros to have for mobility, without this option you can plug into your mains. We were surprised that you have to buy the battery for the remote separately when for the sake of convenience and not much money a battery could be supplied.

Where the Whisper Flex really excelled and where you want it to succeed is in its general functionality, firstly the fan is really quiet and ranging from 1 – 26 in terms of power you only really hear the fan from 12 upwards. The fan has a horizontal oscillation from 0-90 degrees and a vertical oscillation of 0-100 degrees. A timer can be set for the fan to switch off automatically from 0-12 hours of being turned on, there is a natural wind function and night mode so you don’t get disturbed by the LED.

We have all been there at the beginning of a heatwave at the supermarket or DIY store buying a £20 fan, usually they are noisy as hell and pretty ugly. Yes the Duux Whisper Flex is more expensive but you do get what you pay for. RRP £149.99

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Don’t get caught out in this years heatwave.
  • Really Quiet
  • Easy to setup
  • Looks Elegant
  • Nice and simple functions
  • No battery for remote
  • Instructions to take apart could be clearer